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Barbara Ley, PhD, founded Tree Frog Kids Yoga after teaching children's yoga for more than a decade, and her foray into parenthood five years ago expanded her approach. Practicing yoga with her two young children, both of whom were adopted internationally as toddlers, came naturally to her. However, she soon realized that yoga's emphases on physical postures, breathing, mindfulness, and play were well-suited for addressing the developmental, emotional, sensory, and attachment needs of adopted children. Moreover, Barbara's oldest child, who was born with a gross motor disability, challenged her early assumptions by doing yoga poses that she did not think were possible for him. For these reasons, she has developed specialities in yoga and mindfulness for adoptive families, as well as for children with mobility challenges and other special needs.


Barbara completed ChildLight Yoga's 95 hour children's yoga training program and received certifications in Level I, Advanced, Baby & Toddler, and Teen yoga. She is also a certified Creative Relaxation yoga instructor for children with autism and other special needs. Barbara has completed additional trainings in yoga for special needs, trauma-sensitive yoga for youth and adults, family yoga, yoga and mindfulness in schools, and creative movement (Center for Creative Dance). Before moving to Delaware in 2011,

she co-ran a children's mindfulness program at the Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center (WI). 


Barbara lives in Newark, Delaware, with her husband and children. In addition to teaching children's yoga and mindfulness, she is an associate professor in the Departments of Communication and Women & Gender Studies at the University of Delaware. Check out Tree Frog's research projects page to learn about her yoga and mindfulness work at UD. 

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