Our Mission

Namaste! Tree Frog Kids Yoga brings yoga, creative movement, and mindfulness to children in northern Delaware and the surrounding area. Tree Frog's mission is three-fold:

    •    To bring the joy and benefits of yoga, creative movement, and mindfulness to children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

    •    To provide children with yoga and mindfulness tools for addressing their physical, emotional, and other therapeutic needs.

    •    To strengthen families and support classroom learning through yoga and minfulness practice and play.


Why is Yoga and Mindfulness is Important for Children?

A growing body of research demonstrates the many benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children:

    •    Physical health 

    •    Increased self-regulation

    •    Increased focus and awareness

    •    Increased calm and emotional wellbeing

    •    Improved sensory integration

    •    Increased cognition and literacy

    •    Increased compassion and empathy

    •    Increased self-esteem and self-worth

Yoga and mindfulness have also been shown to improve the physical and emotional health of children with various therapeutic needs, including:

    •    ADD/ADHD

    •    Anxiety 

    •    Autism Spectrum Disoders (ASD)

    •    Cancer and other chronic illnesses

    •    Down syndrome

    •    Early trauma and loss

    •    Motor delays and disabilities

    •    Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

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Ultimately, planting the seeds of yoga and mindfulness in children provides them with tools for healthy living that they can turn to and further develop throughout their lives.