Yoga and Mindfulness Props


Many parents and teachers have asked where they can find some of the most common props that I use my sessions. Here's a list of these props, along with a link to their page on, which is where I purchase most of my yoga and mindfulness supplies. 











Color-Changing Electric Tea Lights

You can use color-changing tea lights for activities such as mindful seeing, relaxation practices, guided imagery meditations, and yoga "campires."

Sand timers, which come in time durations of 1 to 5 minutes, are great visual props for mindful seeing and other meditation activities. 

A Hoberman sphere is a fun tool for demonstrating belly breathing and guiding a range of breathing practices. You can also use it to play "peek-a-boo" as an attachment-building activitity. 

Eye pillows can help cultivate relaxation during shavasana. Add a drop of a calming essential oil to deepen the relaxation. 

Use chimes to stop and start activities and as a sound for children to focus on during mindful listening practices. 

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