Research Projects


As an associate profressor of Communication and Women & Gender Studies at the University of Delaware, I also conducting research about mindfulness, yoga, family life, and digital technology. Check out some of my current projects! 


Mindfulness And Mobile Technology


Along with Alexandra LaRose, a UD Communication graduate student, I am conducting a study on the use of mindfulness apps for smartphones and tablets. Currently, there is little research about mindfulness apps, particularly when it comes to the user experience. Thus, our project provides an initial assessment of the growing body of health apps and the growing number of people who use them. The results of this project will also help guide the development of digital and mobile yoga and mindfulness resources for children and  families.

Yoga and Mindfulness for Adoptive Families: A Research-Based Curriculum 


I am developing a yoga and mindfulness program for adoptive families. There will be two primary components to this program: 1) The use of yoga and mindfulness as a family practice to build connection between parents and their children, as well as to support the child's healing process more generally. 2) Mindfulness and yoga practices for adoptive parents to enhance their emotional regulation and self care efforts.


I will be adding take-home resources for parents and families to this page soon. You can also sign up for my newsletter to learn more about upcoming workshop and classes that I will for adoptive families. 


Feminist Perspectives on Trauma, Self Care, and Mindfulness

I am in the early stages of a new research project examining the social and neurological aspects of trauma, along with the therapeutic aspects of self care and mindfulness, from a feminist and social justice perspective. I will be developing this project in conjunction with a new Women and Gender Studies Course I am teaching called, "Mindfulness and Self Care for Trauma Professionals: A Gendered Perspective."