My 10th Post: Moving Forward with Tree Frog Kids Yoga

I have just wrapped up my second school year of kids yoga classes, and it's been an aamzing time so far. When I first started teching classes, I wasn't sure where it was all going. Now, eighteen months later, I'm still not sure where my kids yoga path will ultimately take me, but I am currently have several directions that I am excited about:

  • As evidenced by my recent posts om this blog, I have started to develop a yoga and mindfulness curriculum for adoptive families. Developing this curriculum, along with continuing to offer yoga and mindfulness workshops to adoptive famiies, will be one of my major projects this year.

  • I will continue to offer weekly classes for one or two age groups starting in the fall. This past year, I offeerd a weekly class for children ages 5 to 10. This summer, I will figure out what my weekly teaching schedule for next school year will be.

  • I will continue to offer occasional speciality workshops and class series targeted at girls, families, and children with special needs.

I will use this summer to plan my next year's offerings, so please let me know what you would like Tree Frog Kids Yoga to offer!