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Who We Serve


Tree Frog Kids Yoga's weekly classes, private sessions, special workshops, and school and community programs are geared toward a range of children, families, caregivers, and school staff. Please check the homepage calendar and the individual service pages for information about our current and upcoming offerings. 

Children of All Abilities


One of Tree Frog's core beliefs is that all children can benefit physically, emotionally, and socially from yoga and mindfulness. To this end, I work with children across a range of abilities and needs, and I strive to make my weekly "All Kids" classes, along with many other offerings, as inclusive as possible.


In private sessions, workshops, and school settings, I also work therapeutically with children who have special needs, including physical disabilites, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, and other developmental delays. On my blog, I've written about how to adapt yoga classes for children who use crutches

Adoptive Families


Yoga and mindfulness for adoptive families provide the general benefits children's yoga while also addressing adoption-related needs. Sessions emphasize the use of both practices to foster connection between children and parents; reduce stress and anxiety; promote focus, emotional regulation and sensory integration; enhance core strength good muscle tone; and improve gross motor and fine motor skills.


Sessions also teach parents how to develop their own yoga and mindfulness practices for self care and therapuetic parenting purposes. Check out my blog's new series on Yoga and Mindfulness for Adoptive Families! 

Caregivers and Teachers


In addition to working with children, I provide workshops and trainings for caregivers, teachers, and other adults who work with children. These offerings provide instruction on how to:


  1. Bring kids yoga and mindfulness to one's children and students

  2. Develop a personal yoga and mindful practice for self care purposes and as a foundation for practicing them with children

  3. Enhance your connection with your children and students--as well as their self-regulation and emotional intelligence--by practicing mindful parenting/caregiving and teaching. 

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